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How to Find TV Parts to Repair Your Television

Maybe you’d like to upgrade your living room with a wall-mounted TV. Or perhaps you’ve lost your remote. Or maybe you have a bigger problem, such as a broken screen or speaker.

What components do you need to repair your television? Speakers, lamps, power cords, remotes, screens, mounts? Buy replacement parts to fix your TV instead of enduring the expense of replacing it.

Mount your TV to the wall to organize your living room.

Finding TV replacement parts

Looking for a better TV stand or a replacement power cord for your TV? Find your replacement parts in no time.

Before you start looking for parts, make sure you know the model and make of your TV. It also helps to know the exact name and number of the piece you need. Many parts are brand-specific. Some are universal, such as remotes that can be programmed for any TV.

Once you know what you need, you’re ready to buy replacement parts to fix your TV or find a trusted repairman.

Where can I find parts to fix my television?

A universal remote might be easier to find than a replacement for the specific remote that came with your TV.

Make sure you know exactly what’s wrong before you start buying parts. If it’s damaged beyond repair, don’t waste time and money hunting down parts.

Depending on your problem, you might want to go straight to the brand to get the specific items you need. Check electronics stores to see what they have in stock. Try an online marketplace for electronics, such as You can even search for your TV replacement parts on Amazon or eBay.

Where can I get my TV repaired?

You can easily find TV repair locations in your area by looking online. Check local electronics stores to see if they offer repairs. Geek Squad is a good resource, too.

Feeling tech-savvy? You could get the parts and fix the TV yourself. For bigger repairs, consult a professional.

If your TV is small enough that you can easily take it to a store for repairs, you might want to consider that option. Technicians who make house calls are pricey.

Is it worth it to buy TV replacement parts?

Need new TV cables? Those are easy to find.

Depending on your problem, even the best TV repair locations and replacement parts might not be able to salvage your television.

Before you start buying TV parts, make sure it’s worth it. If you simply need a new cord or remote, just buy replacement components. Some repairs are expensive. If you need a screen panel for your LCD TV, it’s more cost effective to buy a brand-new TV than to repair your old one.