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Top Tips for Using Your DVR

Your DVR gives you ultimate convenience to watch shows and movies on your time. Once you know how to use your DVR, you can start recording programs to watch later.

Enjoy your DVR even more with these helpful tips. Improve the usefulness of your DVR to get the most out of this innovative equipment. Follow this guide for new DVR ideas.

Check this guide to using your DVR for helpful hints.

Read your owner’s manual

Learn to use your specific DVR system. While most DVRs are similar, different TV providers all offer their own equipment. Once you understand all the capabilities of your DVR service, enjoying TV at your convenience will be no problem.

Check out the special features of your DVR. Can it recommend shows to you, like DIRECTV’s Genieā„¢? How many shows can you record at one time? Can you watch shows or recordings while you record other shows?

Add extra time to your recordings

Make sure the beginning and end won’t be cut off the shows you record. Add a few extra minutes at each end of the recording just in case the show doesn’t fall completely within its allotted timeframe. You can do this in your settings or when you schedule a program to record.

Adding extra time ensures you’ll see the whole program.

Record a show or movie you’re already watching

Have you ever missed the end of a movie because you had to get up to do something else? Solve this problem using your DVR.

Your DVR doesn’t only record shows that haven’t started yet. You can also record portions of shows. If a show has started but you can’t stay to finish it, just hit the record button on your remote to start recording the remainder of the program. Then you can cook dinner or run to the store with no problems and return to finish the end of your show later.

Making space for shows and movies

Your DVR storage space will vary depending on your TV provider and equipment. Some DVRs hold hundreds of hours, so everyone in your family will have an opportunity to record content without storage worries. Be mindful of the capacity of your DVR and your current free space. Consider these tips to avoid running out of space on your DVR.

HD programming is beautifully crisp and clear, but HD recordings will take up much more space than standard-definition programs. If you haven’t had a chance to catch up on shows and you’re still recording more, you might consider switching to SD instead of HD for recordings.

To avoid getting close to full capacity of your DVR, clear out your recordings after you watch them. Keeping your queue empty ensures that you’ll always have space for fresh shows and movies. Some DVRs also have a setting to automatically delete recordings for you.

Set recurring recording timers

Set timers for your favorite programs so you don’t have to worry about hitting the record button week after week. Record all episodes or only new ones.

Take advantage of impressive DVR technology to never miss your shows again. Using your DVR is a simple way to enjoy more TV when you have free time.