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TV prices: Getting the right television for the right price.

If you’re due for a new television and it’s been a while since your last TV purchase, it’s helpful to do some research before buying the first model you see. With a little bit of shopping around and learning about television prices, you can gather the knowledge necessary to find a great TV at a great price.

How much are TVs?

Many plasma TVs are available at affordable prices.

The prices of basic flat-panel TVs are falling, yet people are spending even more on fancy feature-filled TVs instead.

You can get a beautiful good-sized TV set for fairly cheap. But once you start shopping for a TV with all the newest bells and whistles, you could end up paying much more. How much will a TV cost you?

LCD and plasma TVs

When plasma TVs first entered the market, they were extremely expensive and not the best quality. Since, they’ve become some of the best TVs, and prices have fallen to a very affordable range. You can get a high-quality LCD or plasma television for a few hundred dollars at stores or online.

3D TVs

Smaller 3D TVs can go for less than $1,000, but big screen, high-quality sets will cost you a couple of thousand dollars. With little 3D programming available from TV providers and few movies released on 3D Blu-ray™ discs, is it worth it to you to buy a 3D TV now?

Is the amazing picture of a 3D TV worth the price tag to you?

Smart TVs

Smart TVs have all the latest and greatest TV features, but with the most advanced TV comes a hefty price tag. Having a 3D TV with a built-in web browser and other amazing features is the coolest choice for any TV fan, but is it right for you? Size does matter – you can get a smaller smart TV for much less than a larger one.

Remember that your TV purchase should reflect your TV-watching habits and your budget. Shop around and find exactly what you need.

Finding the right price

Ready to buy your new dream TV? Find the right price with these three easy tips.

  • First, shop around. As with many big purchases, you might not find exactly what you’re looking for at the first store you go to. Don’t settle for a TV you’re not in love with if it has a price tag you’re not thrilled over. Try another store or two – or check online – to find a television that better fits your budget and electronic wants.
  • Check for sales. Many stores and online outlets run excellent money-saving sales on TVs. With the right sale, you could save big on your new TV. Be on the lookout for holiday sales and impressive offers in weekly sales catalogs.
  • Don’t overbuy. Do you really need a smart TV? If you’re not going to use the extra features or if you won’t be watching TV in 3D, you might not want to splurge on a fancy TV. But if you love having the latest technologies, then get an advanced TV with all the cool features you want.

Be willing to make compromises in your purchase and to put some effort into shopping, and you’re sure to find an amazing TV at the best price.