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How to determine your television’s value

If you’re trying to sell your TV or upgrade to a newer model, you might be wondering how much your TV is worth. No idea where to start? It’s easy to determine TV value.

What kind of TV do you have, and what is it worth?

Ways to calculate TV value

Determine the value of your TV in one of two ways: Look online, or go to a store to check prices.

Explore online TV pricing

You’ll find many resources when you use the Internet to figure out how much your TV is worth. If your TV is relatively new, look it up to see the original price, and how much that model is selling for now. If you have an older model, see how much other people are selling their used sets for.

Check sites such as Amazon, or a specific store’s website to compare your television to TVs that are currently being sold. Different features may be offered by different brands – be sure to compare features, too.

See how much a brand-new television costs. Even if your TV is only a few months old, it won’t be worth as much as a brand new TV. Keep this in mind if you’re trying to resell your television – you won’t get as much money for a used TV as you spent on it.

Check a store

There are two advantages to going to a store to determine your TV’s value. You can check actual prices for televisions that are comparable to yours, including current sales and bargains.

Check the prices of televisions at the store.

Plus, you can talk to someone who knows more about televisions and pricing than you might. Employees at electronics stores should be very knowledgeable about the products they sell. They might have some input about how much your television is worth.

So, how much is my television worth?

Once you’ve done some preliminary research on television pricing, you can decide how much your TV is worth.

Determining TV value also depends on your specific television set. You can research television value for hours, but you need to look at your set to properly determine its value. It’s like valuing your used car – a used vehicle in pristine condition is worth much more than one that is worse for wear.

Factors that affect TV value:

An older CRT TV is worth less than a newer LCD or plasma TV.
  • The condition of your TV – Does your TV look brand new, or are there some noticeable scuffs or scratches? Does it work correctly? How does the picture look when you watch it?
  • Brand, model and age – What brand and model is your TV? Certain brands have a higher value than others. What features does it have? How old is it? If your TV is older, you may find less information about the value of comparable televisions. You might have to do some more guesswork, but remember that the value of televisions depreciate the older the piece gets.
  • Accessories – Do you still have everything that goes with your television? Do you have the remote, wires and owner’s manual? Accessories may be especially important if you’re thinking of reselling your TV.

Now that you’ve determined your TV’s value, you can check out a guide to reselling televisions here!