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Watch satellite TV in your car, wherever you are

Imagine a road trip with no fighting and no chimes of “Are we there yet?” from the back seat. Sound like a dream come true? Just get satellite TV for your car and make your long drives enjoyable for everyone.

Bring the home entertainment you love on far away trips or short drives across town for tailgating. You don’t have to be limited to watching TV in your living room any more.

Next time you’re traveling, you can keep your kids entertained for the whole trip with satellite TV in your car.

Why get satellite TV in your car

Get satellite TV in your car, van, RV or boat, so wherever you travel, you won’t have to miss your favorite shows.

Keep the family happy with satellite TV in the car.

Portable DVD players are great for the road and short trips. If you travel often and far, your kids might get sick of their movies. With satellite TV, they can have fresh shows and movies to watch. You won’t have to worry about packing a bunch of DVDs to keep entertained, saving space in your car for other items you may need on the trip.

If you’re on the road in your RV often, having satellite TV access can help cure boredom and reduce any homesickness. Your RV is your home on the road, so why not furnish it with satellite television like at your house? Park your RV for the night and get comfy in front of your TV to enjoy your favorite shows even when you’re hundreds of miles from home.

Make tailgating even better with satellite TV in your car. Watch pre-game shows or early games while you grill and play games with other sports fans before your team takes the field.

How to get satellite TV in your car

Enjoy satellite TV in your RV.

If you’re a big traveler or involved tailgater, satellite TV could be an excellent addition to your car. Ready to add TV service to your vehicle? Call your satellite TV provider and get started.

If you already have satellite TV at your home, see if you can add a car subscription to your plan. Check with your provider to see what is available.

Remember to check prices. The cost of getting satellite TV in your car may be high, but it’s worth it if you’ll be using it often. See if you can get any deals or if it would be worthwhile to switch providers to get a better price.

You’ll need a receiver and a portable satellite dish for your vehicle. Pick out your car TVs – a large one for tailgating or smaller sets for your kids to watch. Make sure that all the equipment is set up properly and that you have the correct wires and cables. Get help from a professional if you need it.

Get satellite TV for your car and enjoy your favorite shows or sports conveniently from wherever you are!