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Kitchen Entertainment: Get the Right Kitchen TV

Looking for some entertainment while you cook dinner? Upgrade your kitchen with a television to watch the evening news or keep an eye on the big game while you grab some snacks.

Discover the best kitchen TVs and the most convenient places to put your television for easy viewing.

Things to keep in mind when shopping for a kitchen TV

Shopping for a kitchen television isn’t the same as getting a set for the living room. You’ll want to consider the following factors:

  • You’ll likely want a smaller TV in your kitchen than in the living room or bedroom. Your kitchen has limited space and the television won’t be the focal point of the room.
  • Your kitchen environment is vastly different from other rooms in your house. A TV should not be placed too close to windows where direct sunlight streams in or too near the stove or sink.
  • Placement is important – make sure your TV won’t take up space that you need for cooking or storage.
  • Think about where you’ll put the TV before you buy it. Make sure you’re getting a TV that will fit where you want to put it.

Choosing the right TV for your kitchen

The layout and size of your kitchen can determine the type of TV that will work best in the room.

If you have an abundance of counter space, you could go with a standard countertop TV. Place a small TV under a cabinet or in the corner.

Get a flat-panel TV to mount to the wall. Choose an empty wall if available, or mount the television between cabinets like you would a microwave.

For limited space, get a flip-down television. Attach it under one of your cabinets and flip it down when you’re ready to watch.

Innovative spots in the kitchen for your TV

Where should you put your TV? It depends on where you’ll be watching it from, the layout of your kitchen and whether you want the ability to hide the TV when you aren’t watching. Consider these possible locations:

A small under cabinet TV is great if you don’t have a lot of extra counter or wall space in the kitchen.
  1. Put your TV higher than seating eye-level. To get a good view of the TV while you’re cooking, place it at your standing eye-level.
  2. Make sure the TV is easily seen from the seating areas in the kitchen. Higher placement is best if your bar or island seating is a distance from the TV.
  3. Turn an unused shelf into a makeshift TV cabinet.
  4. Mount your TV high up on the wall to save space.
  5. Put your television in a cabinet to keep it out of sight and for a clean look in the kitchen.
  6. Use a corner mount to keep your television off the counter and out of the way when you’re cooking.
  7. Mount an under-cabinet TV that can be easily folded up when you’re not watching it.

Make the time spent in the kitchen more enjoyable with the convenience of a television. Whether you’re preparing food, eating it at meal time or entertaining guests, a kitchen TV can add to the atmosphere of the room. Get a kitchen TV and check out your favorite shows while you’re cooking or eating.