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Finding the Optimal Height for Your TV

With this simple how-to, you can easily determine the best height for your television.

What is the suggested best TV height?

In general, most television experts would suggest an eye-level height for your TV. To determine your eye level, sit on your couch or chair where you’ll spend the most time in front of the TV. From there, look straight across to the spot where you’d like to set up the television. Match the center of your television with the spot where your eyes hit the wall when you look straight ahead.

Optimal height is typically with eye level at the center of the TV.

Don’t place your TV too high or too low to avoid sitting with your neck bent awkwardly as you try to watch TV from the right angle. Pick the perfect height and relax comfortably on the couch to enjoy the shows you love.

The suggested height placement for TV viewing is with your TV centered at your line of sight. But there can be some reasons to deviate from this recommendation, based on your preferences or type of TV.

How to choose the right height for your TV

Placing your TV at eye-level is a good general rule-of-thumb, but it might not be the perfect solution for your specific combination of TV, living room and viewing preferences.

Size and type of TV

Different televisions may look better from different heights. Plasma TVs are best viewed from eye level, while LCD screens may offer the best picture when higher than a straight-on angle.

TV mounts and stands

It’s helpful to be able to tilt your television to get a better viewing angle. LCD televisions tend to have a limited viewing angle, so you’ll need to take that into consideration when deciding where to place one. LCDs are best viewed when placed a little above eye level using a tilting mount that you can face downward some to cut the glare.

Consider a tilting mount if you need to place your TV higher than eye level.

Keep viewing angles in mind when you decide to purchase a mount or stand for your TV. Remember to take into account the height of a stand or TV cabinet, and make sure you choose one that will put your television at the ideal height.

Seating distance

Choosing the right height for your TV can hinge on the distance you’re sitting from the TV. Learn all about optimal viewing distance. Determine the ideal height and distance for your television to enjoy the best possible picture when you watch your favorite shows.

Other important factors for placing your TV:

In addition to the height of your TV and the distance you sit from your TV, remember to consider these other aspects of placement. Find the ideal spot for your television to get the best seat in the house, every time.

  • If you’re mounting your TV, check for wall studs first. Make sure there is at least one stud at the correct height and spot on the wall.
  • Try to avoid putting your television right beside a window to reduce glare.
  • Choose functionality over design. You might like how your TV would look mounted over your fireplace, but that might much higher than the ideal viewing height. Get the most out of your TV by putting it at the optimal height instead of the spot it looks best in the room.

Now you’re ready to place your television at the optimal height and spot in your living room!