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Accessories to Remember When You Buy a New TV

Don’t forget your cables and cords!

So, you just bought a brand new TV. You spent a while shopping around and researching to pick out the best television. Now, it’s time to make sure you have everything else you’ll need to create the ideal viewing experience in your living room.

Don’t forget about these accessories

Make sure you have what you need to get started and have a great viewing experience.

Cables and cords

Do you have all the necessary cables to get your TV hooked up properly? Getting home with your new TV and finding out that you don’t have the right cables is frustrating. Avoid making a trip back to the store by making sure you’ve purchased the cables you need the first time.

See if you’ll need HDMI, DVI, coaxial or component video cables before you leave the store. Many new TVs do not come with these cables, so don’t assume they’ll be included in your television box.

Don’t forget a good surge protector, too. These give you extra outlets to plug in more devices, and monitor your power usage to avoid problems.


Want a simple shelf for your TV?

Make sure you have a remote for your TV. If you have a satellite TV subscription, you’ll get a special remote that works with your satellite box.

TV stands and mounts

Where are you putting your television? Your brand new 42″ LCD TV isn’t going to look its best if you have it sitting on the floor.

For your flat-screen LCD or plasma TV, think about an entertainment center, a shelf or a wall mount. Consider the setup of your room and the size of your television in deciding whether a stand or mount will work better for you and fit the look you’re going for when decorating the room.

On the other hand, a 60-inch projection TV is large and bulky, and likely won’t need any type of stand.

Home theater systems

Want extra speakers or a whole surround sound system to enhance your TV setup? Create a personal movie theater or sports lounge in your living room with a surround sound setup.

What type of home theater do you want?

Explore all sizes and kinds of speaker systems and see which will best suit your needs.

DVD or Blu-ray players

The setup of your new TV just isn’t complete without a way to watch your favorite movies. Pick out a new DVD or Blu-ray™ player to complement your television.

Should you upgrade your movie collection to Blu-ray™ discs? Learn all about Blu-ray and see if a Blu-ray™ player is worth it for you.

Is there anything else you’ll need to enjoy your new TV?

Remember to get a television subscription package from a trusted provider that offers the channels you need at a price you can afford.

After you get your TV hooked up and your entertainment system ready, the last accessory you’ll need is a comfy spot from which to watch your favorite shows, movies and sports. Complete your living room with a big comfortable couch and chairs, so everyone can gather around the TV and watch together.