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$ 29 99 each for 12 mos. when bundled*
  • 200+ Channels Available
  • Access to 10,000+ choices & movies with On Demand
  • Blazing-fast 60 Mbps Internet Speeds - 20x Faster than DSL**
Charter Spectrum Bundles

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TV Select

125+ CHANNELS with FREE HD and FREE On Demand

  • FREE On Demand
  • All your Favorite local programming plus ESPN, Discover channel, CNN and Lifetime
$ 29 99/mo each for 12 mos. when bundled*


FREE Modem

  • 60 Mbps - 20X faster than standard DSL**
  • Plenty of bandwidth for more devices to share at the same time
  • Great for surfing, e-mail,downloading music, uploading photos, streaming videos, watching movies, online gaming and transferring large files
$ 39 99/mo for 12 mos.*

Triple Play Silver

175+ CHANNELS with FREE HD and FREE On Demand

  • Premium Networks HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and NFL Network
$ 20 more each for 12 mos. when bundled*
Charter Spectrum on TV, Computer and Tablet

Why to Switch to Charter Spectrum:

  • No contracts. Stuck in one? We'll buy it out up to $500◊
  • You will get the most high-defination channels
  • Over 200+ Channels
  • FREE HD and On Demand
  • TV APP where you can watch TV anywhere
  • Faster Internet Speed up to 60 Mbps-20x faster than DSL**
  • Internet to connect all your devices at the same time
  • Best voice features available
  • Great service and a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Charter Spectrum Delivers the service and features that you need