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Enjoy the benefits of online bill pay

Paying bills each month is likely one of your least favorite things, but you can avoid some of the traditional bill-paying hassles with online bill pay.

Many companies offer paperless billing. Sign up for online bill pay for all your home services – TV, phone, Internet and more. Take care of your monthly payments in the most convenient way possible. Check out all of the benefits, and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t choose online bill pay sooner!

Go green when you pay your bills online.

Why online bill pay?

Online bill pay offers numerous advantages, including convenience and a chance to save money.

Save money

Find out if your phone, TV, Internet and electricity providers give discounts to customers who choose paperless billing. With some providers, you could receive a $1 credit on every bill just for doing your billing online. Others may offer credits or rewards such as gift cards.

By making payments online instead of through the mail, you’ll also save money on the cost of stamps. Saving less than 50 cents on every bill may not seem like a lot, but those savings add up month after month, especially if you’re getting discounts for paying online. After a few months, those savings could be enough for that new jacket or pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing. Now you can buy them without feeling guilty since you’ve been saving money on your bills.


Don’t worry about mailing bills any more. Do it all on the Internet instead.

Everyone loves when things are easy and accessible. Paperless billing makes paying your bills more convenient than ever. Instead of writing a check, finding an envelope, buying stamps and mailing your bill, simply pay the bill in seconds online with just a few clicks.

Pay your bill from anywhere. If you’re on a last-minute business trip and realize you forgot to pay your television bill, simply grab your laptop and easily pay your bill online without any unnecessary worries or hassles.

You’ll also save the time of waiting for a bill to get to your provider in the mail. Mail can be unpredictable, but with online bill pay, you can be sure that everything is in order right away.

Be environmentally friendly

When you pay your bills online, you’ll save paper, help the environment and lessen the clutter at your house all at the same time.

Go green and reduce your paper use. Keep organized at home with fewer paper bills floating around your office or study. Check your statements online instead.

Cut the clutter at your house.

Never miss a payment

If your TV and Internet providers offer it, sign up for automatic bill pay. You won’t forget to pay any bills because you can have payments automatically drafted from your bank account. Forget about late fees and lost bills.

Start using online bill pay today!

Get on board with online bill pay for your TV, Internet and phone service today. Save money and help the environment when you pay your bills. See which of your home services providers offer paperless billing, and get started now!