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Fill your home with an incredible 3D experience

Are you always the first of your friends to buy your 3D movie ticket? Are you ready to enjoy the in-your-face action of 3D from the comfort of your couch? With a 3D TV and top-of-the-line accessories, you’ll add twists and thrills of 3D programming to your home entertainment experience.

Bring the 3D theater to your living room!

Picking the right 3D TV

Need some help choosing the best 3D TV for your home? Bringing the excitement of 3D movies to your home is easier than you think.

Today, you have many choices when it comes to 3D TVs. 3D technology has improved, and TVs have become more affordable since they were released in the spring 2010. 3D content – both on TV and on Blu-ray™discs – is more accessible than ever, with a larger collection of 3D movies becoming available.

Some 3D TV leaders include Sony®, Samsung, LG, Sharp® and Panasonic®. These name brands provide trusted quality in televisions. Make sure you’re getting a 3D-ready TV. You’ll also need to decide if you’d rather have a plasma or LED TV. Learn more about types of TVs to decide what is best for your needs and entertainment wants.

3D televisions can get expensive when you start looking at larger screens and fancier components. See what works for your budget, and remember to check out sales and shop around before buying.

Enjoy 3D TV at home even more with these impressive accessories

With 3D TV, it feels like the action is leaping off the screen and into your living room.

You can use your 3D television to check out standard 2D programming, but what fun is that? Make sure you’ve got a pair of stellar 3D glasses and an excitement-filled selection of 3D programming to watch. Get the details about 3D accessories and turn your living room into your own 3D theater.

3D glasses

You could watch 3D TV without your special glasses, but you’d be watching blurry pictures instead of a fully formed 3D image. To fully enjoy 3D movies, you’ll need a pair of good 3D glasses.

Things to consider about 3D glasses:

Without 3D glasses, 3D content looks distorted and blurry.
  • Do you need to purchase extra glasses? Some 3D TVs come with glasses, but not all do. Even if your TV purchase includes glasses, you might need to buy more. You might get four pairs of glasses, but if you have a family of five or six, you won’t want to leave anyone out. Or, do you want to have extra glasses for when you invite friends over to check out your impressive new TV? Do you need smaller kid-sized glasses for your young children?
  • Learn the difference between active and passive 3D. The type of glasses you need depend on the type of 3D TV you have. Make sure your glasses are compatible with your TV.
  • See if your glasses are battery-operated or rechargeable.

3D programming source

To tune in to 3D programming on your TV, you’ll need a TV provider that offers 3D channels, or a Blu-ray™ player that plays 3D discs.

Get your 3D accessories and bring the action to your living room

Now that you’re a 3D pro, you’re ready to head to the store to pick out your 3D TV and accessories. Enjoy the 3D experience from your couch today!